Space Planning & Design

Our space planning and design experts will evaluate your workspace and ergonomic needs to provide a comprehensive design plan for your office.

Workflow Analysis

When it comes time for companies to look inward and boost productivity and profitability, they often miss the opportunity to modify the way they use space—one of the simplest and most effective changes possible. With our workplace consultancy, Total Office Concepts will help your organization rethink your facilities, enhancing the employee and customer experience, boosting productivity, and modernizing the way you work.

We use the most current, cutting-edge research available to revitalize and re-image your workspace, delivering quantifiable results. Beginning with a comprehensive survey of your space, we will uncover inefficiencies, blockages, and hindrances and then develop innovative solutions to immediately boost your team’s performance. We will consider the complete picture: your company’s use of technology, workflow, privacy issues, ergonomics, collaboration styles, storage—both digital and physical, ergonomics and any factors unique to the way you do business.

Once we have a firm understanding of your strengths and areas of difficulty, we will discuss them with you and work together to find solutions that solve every problem without overextending your budget. When we’re finished, you will see remarkable improvements: We guarantee it.

Space Planning & Design

Total Office Concepts' qualified team of designers and CAD technicians is at your service, ready to help plan and design an interior space that supports your company’s every need. We will consider your company’s practical needs, budget constraints, and aesthetic preferences along with the latest advancements in technology and ergonomics. Our staff works directly with your team to craft a functional, attractive, forward-looking design.

Total Office Concepts' goal is to deliver your company a strong, practical vision for your space. Our designs are built to last, meeting your immediate needs while anticipating future changes and remaining attractive, comfortable, and highly functional.

Installation Services

When all the stages of space planning are complete and you’re ready to start the final phase of your relocation or reconfiguration, you can count on Total Office Concepts to deliver and install your new furniture and equipment systems to your exact specifications. We take extraordinary care over every delivery and installation we manage, offering every client our deep experience, expert knowledge of our product line and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

When you choose Total Office Concepts to manage delivery and installation process, we begin (as always) with a thorough plan, including detailed drawings which you may view and alter before delivery. Each plan we create is unique, accommodating our clients’ specific requirements. Once the plan is confirmed, we coordinate and oversee all deliveries, making sure to minimize the disruption of your business while meeting or beating deadlines.

Our well-trained and experienced project managers and installers then execute the delivery with maximum efficiency, guaranteeing each piece of furniture is exactly where it needs to be. Throughout this phase, our employees are always available to you to address any question or concern that may arise. When the installation is complete, we clean all trash and debris and do a comprehensive walk-through of the site with you, double-checking for any unresolved issues.

Following completion, the Total Office Concepts team will follow up with your company, guaranteeing your total satisfaction.


In today’s shifting business climate, change is the dominant constant. When it comes time to reorganize your organization’s workspace, Total Office Concepts is ready to offer you superior service, planning a furniture reconfiguration that will optimize your office environment in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

In our years in the office environments industry, we have built an excellent familiarity with furniture systems of all types—including those we carry and many we don’t. No matter what type of furniture you use, Total Office Concepts' staff of experienced, innovative design professionals is ready to provide a solution to any reconfiguration challenge.

Our knowledgeable team of installers and project managers can negotiate every process related to the reconstruction of a workspace environment, working to exact specifications while keeping your company’s downtime to an absolute minimum and keeping costs down.

When your organization is ready to rethink its use of space, we are available to consult with you, collaborate on an excellent new design, and execute it quickly and smoothly. Whether you prefer to use only your current furniture or augment it with additional purchases, Total Office Concepts' expert reconfiguration team is ready to handle any project.

Move Management

We don’t need to tell you that moving is stressful. Few processes in the life of your organization will be as challenging, time-consuming, and laden with pitfalls as relocating or reorganizing facilities. Total Office Concepts' Move Management programs make the process easy, allowing you to focus on running your business while we organize and administer your relocation.

No two organizations are exactly alike, and every move we manage is a custom job. Our first step is to spend time with your company, familiarizing ourselves with your specific needs and attributes. Total Office Concepts' experienced professionals formulate a unique plan, tailored to your requirements and priorities.

We will create relocation schedules for your employees, contractors, and any other outside professionals involved in your move, making sure every delivery and every process happens on time. We use our proven methods to coordinate the move itself, managing freight elevators, trucks and other transport, temporary storage, cleanup, and more. We will conduct a top-to-bottom inventory of furniture, equipment, boxes, etc. and provide employees with a simple and effective labeling system.

Once the first half of the move is complete, we will manage the placement of furniture in your new facility, ensuring the reintegration is in accordance with previously established guidelines. Our move managers will work to be sure that everything goes where it needs to be when it needs to be there and provide you with the tools you need to monitor progress. At every step of the way, we work to keep costs down and maximize efficiency, guaranteeing that your relocation is successful, efficient and affordable.

Funiture Repair

If something is worth owning, it’s worth maintaining. In addition to offering our customers excellent product solutions, Total Office Concepts offers fantastic service after the sale and top-to-bottom maintenance programs. We can handle anything from basic touch-ups and small repairs to complete overhauls of large furniture components. If we can’t replace a part from our stock we will order it directly from the manufacturer.

Customer satisfaction is our way of life, and there is no repair job too big or too small for our dedicated maintenance professionals. We welcome you to contact our repair department at any time, with any concern.

To guarantee the longevity of your workplace solutions, we highly recommend one of our planned maintenance programs. These can be customized to your company’s requirements and include regular check-ins and routine servicing of your furnishings.

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