Automated Document Management

Providing customized document management solutions to help businesses safely and securely do business online. 

Manage, Track, and Store Documents

Paper files and carbon copies are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Not only is all that printing damaging to the environment, it cuts into your bottom line and can make sensitive information vulnerable to prying eyes. 

Document management systems exist to streamline the paperwork process, giving you safe, secure, digital control over your important documents. With automated document management from Total Office Concepts, you can: 

  • Share important documents with double-ended encryption.
  • Manage file and user permissions. 
  • Collaborate easily and track changes.
  • Access your important documents from a secure, cloud-based server on any internet-enabled device.
  • Store your files in an organized, secure way. 

Industry-Specific Document Management

Certain types of organizations are required to maintain specific levels of security when it comes to record-keeping. Financial and healthcare institutions in particular must comply with stringent policies to protect the information they keep. 

In these cases, having a secure automated document management system in place is an absolute must. As many of these organizations transition from paper records to digital records, it's important to work with a company familiar with the needs of your specific industry to ensure that your setup is compliant with the regulations of your industry. At Total Office Concepts, we have years of experience working with companies in a variety of industries and can help you find the right solution for your business.